Our Core Values

Additionally, preschool covers a number of developmental areas, including:

Physical Development and Health
Quality preschools provide a healthy outlet for a young child’s boundless energy.
Children learn the benefits of doing things as a group, drawing on each other’s strengths and abilities.
Children are taught to recognize the alphabet and the basics of reading and writing.
Children are taught the art of talking and listening.
Proper play helps children develop their gross and fine motor skills and also interactive skills, when play involves other children.
Social Skills
Preschoolers learn to be socially appropriate and to get along with others.
Mathematical Awareness
Preschoolers are taught the principles of mathematical logic.
At a very young age, when children absorb information like sponges, attending preschool prepares them for their future academic life. Preschool increases a child’s ability to perform basic tasks, such as dressing themselves, feeding themselves and becoming toilet trained.

Childhaven Preschool & Daycare LLC emphasizes the individuality of the child. We adopt American ideas, such as the fact that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Our teachers closely supervise the children and intervene in disagreements, encouraging verbal instead of physical resolution. Children are given consequences, such as time-out, or they are required to apologize for misbehaving. Learning is fostered in an atmosphere of play or choosing from an array of activities such as assembling puzzles, drawing, painting or storytelling.

At Childhaven Preschool & Daycare LLC, the goal is to make sure that your children are ready to begin school at the end of their time with us. We channel their activities to build skills and promote learning.

If you live in Winchester, VA, Childhaven Preschool & Daycare LLC is the answer to your child care needs.


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